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Fathers and Daughters

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

For everyone that has ordered a pair of gloves, liked a post, or supported in any other way, thank you! 2020 was a challenging year building an idea while also being a full time dad at home to my 1 year old daughter. I wouldn’t change a thing given the choice, however. Whether I was on the road making sales calls or dropping off orders, my daughter was always present by my side. It was never a setback. I've learned that you can still manage your day to day tasks even with a child. It's simply one extra step. Packing the stroller in the truck, shoving extra clothes, diapers, and wipes in your backpack, changing a last minute diaper right before leaving the front's just one extra step. And it's all worth it.



#morelife #moreblessings #stayfocused #staymotivated #fathersanddaughters

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