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Paramount Athletics: A Family-Owned Small Business

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Our customers are our friends. Every order is hand-prepared by all of us, and we ensure it reaches you as fast as possible!


Paramount Athletics started out in a spare bedroom on several sheets of paper. I drew multiple designs of the logo and Phantom Grip gloves. My wife was about 8 months pregnant when I gave life to this dream of mine. After our daughter was born, I spent countless hours finalizing the website and other areas of the business - sometimes I would have my newborn on my lap or up at 3am working! It was a very challenging start but very rewarding. Today, my wife and little daughter help prepare all orders. My daughter will handpick the gloves (with help) and bring them over to my wife in our dining room. From there, she and I fulfill and prepare each order for delivery double checking our work to mitigate human error. We make sure all orders are processed the same day after they are placed so you can receive them as fast as possible. Every day, I make sure to improve one thing (even if it's small) so you, our friends, receive the best possible experience.

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