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Hi! My name is Álvaro Palacio, and I’m the founder of Paramount Athletics. I was born in the Republic of Panamá and moved to the US when I was a toddler. I have always had a strong passion for sports, health, and fitness growing up. As an athlete, I quickly realized the importance of fitness and nutrition as it relates to performance. I took a leap of faith early 2019 to pursue an idea that would help improve training for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages – the development of the Phantom Grip Gloves. The idea was to improve grip so a person could train more efficiently. Specifically, we are able to maximize time under tension when we are able to hold onto weights for longer periods of time. After testing this theory, I had discovered promising results, and I quickly moved on to the next step. I had drawn multiple designs of the gloves and logo on several sheets of paper and index cards until I was satisfied with the final design.

My wife was about 8 months pregnant when I gave life to this dream of mine. After our daughter was born, that’s where things got challenging. I spent countless hours working on the business with little to no sleep – sometimes I would have my newborn on my lap while on the computer. I officially launched Paramount Athletics on October 22, 2019. Fast forward to today, my family assists in every way possible with new ideas, marketing strategies, and even order fulfillment when orders are heavy. My daughter handpicks the gloves (with help) and brings them over for shipment preparation. From there, she and I will drop them off for delivery. We aim to process all orders within 24 hours to ensure fast delivery. Additionally, I handwrite a personal thank you note on every order. Each order placed helps improve Paramount Athletics in some way. A hand-written note allows me to express personal gratitude and appreciation for you, our customer, while establishing a connection even if we are hundreds of miles apart. Thank you for supporting our small business!



Álvaro F. Palacio – Owner/Founder

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