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Exercise, Health, & Nutrition Simplified - (Instant-Download E-Book) - English

Exercise, Health, & Nutrition Simplified - (Instant-Download E-Book) - English

Health and Fitness Simplified! Learn how to train for toned muscles, increase muscle size, and alter body composition naturally. I'm a father, athlete, and certified personal trainer. In this guide, I share my meals, workouts, and information to help you reach your health and fitness goals. I simplify the science behind everything so that it is extremely simple to understand no matter what level of health and fitness you are in! 


  • Lose 2lbs of Fat Each Week Permanently
  • For Moms, Dads, Athletes of All Ages, Beginners in Fitness, Experienced Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Naturally Increase Your Metabolism; For Men, Learn How to Increase Testosterone Naturally
  • Techniques to Increase Muscle Size, Tone Muscles, and Increase Strength
  • Understanding Calories and Macronutrients
  • Instant Download PDF (Please use an active email address- the download link will be sent to you with your order confirmation after purchase)
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